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Forlix AFKManager (2009/07)

This is a small SourceMod addon (made for CS:S and TF2, but might work with other mods) designed to remove AFK players from the active team and put them into Spectator-mode. Inactive Spectators can be kicked after a set amount of time.
The AFK-check is based solely on the players buttons pressed and is optimized for minimal server load.

Changes in v1.05: (2009/07)

  • Initial release

Changes in v1.13: (2009/10)

  • AFK detection now done by checking players buttons every 200ms

Changes in v1.23: (2011/04)

  • Added ConVar to enable setting player and spectator idle times separately
  • Added ConVar to disable kicking while player count is below the set threshold (permits idlers)

Configuration ConVars:

forlix_afkmanager_player_time (default 60)
- Time in full seconds players can be AFK before being moved to Spectator (0 to disable)

forlix_afkmanager_spectator_time (default 300)
- Time in full seconds Spectators can be AFK before being kicked (0 to disable)

forlix_afkmanager_spectator_kick_threshold (default 16)
- Amount of total players connected above which AFK Spectators will be kicked

- Version tracking (don't modify this) - Servers running this plugin (

AFK to Spectator function
AFK to Spectator function

The plugin binary has been built for SourceMod version 1.3 and up.

Forlix AFKManager v1.23
License: GPL (SourceMod plugin)

Source code (Plugin source)

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