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Forlix Piratewars (2009/12)

This addon for SourceMod on a CS:S server provides a lot of bug fixes and great enhancements for the mg_piratewars map. It's a must-have for any serious Piratewars server, because it finally gets rid of all those annoying bugs and provides a much more elegant interface. The cannon- and boat-controls no longer enable upon stepping up to them, but upon press of the players USE button. This prevents them from activating accidentally, should a player run through the trigger zone. Also, if a player somehow moves or falls out of the cannon's or boat's control area, the controls immediately disable so that the player can move again.
The original mg_piratewars map
The original mg_piratewars map

The bug where players who die while driving a boat or controlling a cannon are stuck in spectator mode with their knife displayed (and still able to control the cannon/boat while dead), is also fixed. If a player dies like this, or even disconnects, there is no issue at all, and the same boat/cannon can immediately be used by another player again. The cannons also disable the moment the ship they are on starts to sink.

Furthermore, the plugin makes the rescue boats indestructible, and adds reverse-driving capability. It also makes the boats stop driving if a player leaves without having released his move buttons - previously, this caused the boats to simply keep on driving. Disabling the controls is just as easy as activating them - the player simply has to press his USE button once (and really, just once) again. No need to hammer it and the jump key anymore, hoping to get off.

Due to the buggy implementation of the game_ui entity, the setup this plugin provides is impossible to be created by mapping alone (Thanks to the famous game_ui deactivation crash). Thats why this plugin takes over a lot of the original game_ui functionality like freezing the player and taking his weapon, and executes these tasks much more reliably.

This whole principle may also be adapted for other maps that make use of the game_ui. All that is required is a trigger_multiple which the player has to touch in order to be able to activate the interface.

Detailed features:

  • Players start using cannons/boats only by pressing their USE button
  • Interfaces disable reliably by pressing USE once again or moving/falling out of the control area
  • Players dying or disconnecting while using an interface will no longer leave it behind unusuable
  • No more accidental activations when running through a trigger
  • No more stuck spectators "remote-controlling" their cannon/boat
  • No more broken boats driving on and on without a driver
  • No more stuck spectators unable to move if they died at the controls
  • Cannons disable the moment the ship they're on starts to sink
  • Rescue boats are made indestructible and can also drive backwards
  • Hot-loading the plugin is possible, but it will only work after the next round-start
  • Hint messages on how to use the controls are displayed upon first entering the control zone
  • Multilanguage support for those messages - English and German phrase files are included

Changes in v1.29: (2009/12)

  • Initial release

Changes in v1.32: (2010/05)

  • Now uses SourceMod's new entity reference system for added reliability
  • Players getting on the enemy's side earlier than 20 seconds after any ship has sunk will be burned
    (This is useful when players can spawn props within themselves to glitch-fly over the water before the rescue boats are unlocked. If you dont have a prop spawning plugin on your server, players can never get there anyway - they will die in the water)
  • Some source code tweaks for better performance

Changes in v1.41: (2011/04)

  • Fixed incompatibilities caused by the CS:S OB update
  • Fixed ships no longer breaking on mg_piratewars since the CS:S OB update
  • Added support for mg_piratewars_2010
  • Removed the player burning feature that was introduced in 1.32

Changes in v1.42: (2013/05)

  • Fixed an occasional "Client not in game" error

Configuration ConVars:

The plugin does not have any configuration options.

If there is anything you wish to change, please take a look at the - very well commented - source code, and make the modifications yourself.

- Version tracking (don't modify this) - Servers running this plugin (

Cannon and its hint message upon first use
Cannon and its hint message upon first use

The plugin binary has been built for SourceMod version 1.3 and up.

Forlix Piratewars v1.42
License: GPL (SourceMod plugin)

Source code (Plugin source)

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