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Forlix SoBall (2009/03)

This addon for SourceMod on a CS:S server allows you to offer players to spawn their own soccer balls in any map, just by typing !soccer in the chat. Maps can be excluded by configuration file (eg. soccer maps). The balls can be used to kill other players, by shooting a ball at them (knife a ball to "shoot" it). The frag will be displayed very much like any ordinary frag in CS:S in the top right corner of the screen. Teamkills will therefore be easily visible and can be punished using a third party tool such as Mani-Admin-Plugin or another SourceMod plugin, in contrast to this plugins predecessor, where people could teamkill without being exposed.
Soccer ball on de_dust2
Soccer ball on de_dust2

Detailed features:

  • Players gain and lose score points from ball frags/deaths as if it was an ordinary kill by knife or rifle
  • While this plugin is running, all prop_physics entities in the map can be used exactly the same as the soccer balls for killing players, and will yield score points
  • Spawning a ball is simple, type "!soccer" in chat, a menu appears, aim at a spot where to spawn the ball, press 1, and the ball is spawned. A chat message exposing this command is displayed each round start
  • Balls per player and round can and should be limited to a reasonable amount using the convars below (the default values are a very good starting point)
  • Ball spawns can be logged to the server log if desired
  • A configuration file provides control over on which maps the plugin should be disabled, for example if you are also running soccer maps on your server (like me), you would want to put them in the file, so that players cannot spawn additional balls in those maps and disrupt the game. The plugin will completely unload if the current map is listed there, preventing unnecessary server load
  • The max. distance balls can be spawned at can be limited
  • A spawn protection time can also be specified
  • Ball spawning can be denied when aiming at players
  • Kill crediting can and should be limited to a few seconds after the shot
  • The plugin sets "phys_pushscale" to 900 to make it possible to "shoot" physics objects with the knife. If you have any maps where you want to exclude the plugin and which are not soccer maps, be sure to add "phys_pushscale 1" to your server.cfg to ensure the default setting on those maps
  • Many soccer maps are already included in the exclusion list within the config file
  • Multilanguage support - English and German phrase-files already included

Changes in v1.05: (2009/05)

  • Fixed bug when being used in conjunction with floodcheck

Changes in v1.17: (2009/12)

  • Added multilanguage support
  • Added ConVar to allow or deny spawning balls on players
  • Now uses SourceMods native chat trigger system
  • A restrict-sound is now played when spawning was denied (too far, on player, etc.)
  • Numerous improvements in the code

Changes in v1.22: (2010/05)

  • Added ConVar to limit kill crediting to a few seconds after the shot
  • Added a ball spawn ambient sound
  • Spawn menu now reopens automatically if spawning failed
  • Improved ball-spawn algorithm and added more safeguards against exceptions
  • Now uses SourceMod's new entity reference system for added reliability

Changes in v1.23: (2011/04)

  • Added Freezecam support

Configuration ConVars:

forlix_soball_log_ball_spawns (default 1)
- Enables (1) or disables (0) ball spawn logging

forlix_soball_announcement_type (default 0)
- How often the plugin may announce itself to players: Every round-start (0), Once after connect (1)

forlix_soball_spawnprotection_time (default 2)
- Time in full seconds after freezetime end in which balls cannot be spawned

forlix_soball_spawncount_per_round (default 2)
- Amount of balls a player can spawn per round (0 for none)

forlix_soball_spawndistance_max (default 500)
- Maximum distance a player can spawn a ball at

forlix_soball_allow_spawn_on_players (default 0)
- Allow (1) or deny (0) spawning balls on players (aiming at them, then spawning)

forlix_soball_kill_crediting_time (default 5)
- Time after a shot in full seconds in which kills are credited to the shooter (0 for indefinitely)

forlix_soball_chat_trigger (default "!")
- Set this to one of the ChatTrigger strings configured in SourceMod's core.cfg

- Version tracking (don't modify this) - Servers running this plugin (

The model and material files for the soccer ball are available for download in a seperate ZIP-file.
Dont forget to add them to your HTTP download server if you make use of sv_downloadurl.

SoBall spawn menu
SoBall spawn menu

The plugin binary has been built for SourceMod version 1.3 and up.

Forlix SoBall v1.23
License: GPL (SourceMod plugin) (HL2 physics model)

Source code (Plugin source)

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