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Forlix SrcDS Query (2009/01)

This script queries a local or remote Source™ server, for example Counter-Strike: Source or Team Fortress 2, and prints out server name, map, player count, and a list of players with their frags and times connected in a neat table. Features include intelligent caching, multiple server support, correct display of unicode player names (looks almost like in-game!) and mapchange timeout bridging. The script is comprised of 2 parts where the second part - containing code for querying the server - is only loaded when querying the server is actually necessary. Otherwise, the data is quickly loaded from a text file cache.

Formatting is done by stylesheet (included).
Example output can be seen on my main page.

This script is meant to be used by SSI (server side includes), and should be included in an .shtml file using the following line, where server_id has to be replaced by one of the server ID's you configured in srcds_qry.plx beforehand:

<!--#include virtual="cgi-bin/srcds_qry.plx?server_id" -->

Changes in v1.5: (2009/01)

  • Initial release

Changes in v2.0 (2010/05)

  • Added support for multiple servers
  • Added "Join Server" Steam-Link to table
  • Performance and code improvements

Sample script output
Sample script output

Forlix SrcDS Query v2.0
License: GPL (Perl script)

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