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High-quality stereo recordings (use headphones)

4 glasses being filled with water - 2006/01/08
Shutdown of a PC - 2006/01/07

ATIS airport broadcasts (Automatic Terminal Information Service)

Mostly recorded during my holiday trips through France, Switzerland and Germany while driving by or stopping near the airports.
Its a pity that more and more broadcasts are being done by computer voices, I just noticed (2008/05) that also Hamburg ATIS has one now, appearing to be the same system as already used at Hannover. I cant really explain it, but somehow these announcements convey a sense of internationality to me, hearing the people speaking in English with their native accents, etc..

2006 - recorded with external 1m long antenna on car roof
Basel lima, EN/FR (Oct)
Bern oscar, EN (Oct)
Chambery bravo, FR/EN (Oct)
Chambery delta, FR/EN (Oct)
Frankfurt golf, EN (Oct)
Geneva charly, EN (Oct)
Hannover sierra, EN (Oct)
Nice november, EN (Oct)
Nice oscar, EN (Oct)
Nice oscar, FR (Oct)
Bern november, EN (Sep)
Geneva delta, EN (Sep)
Hannover zulu, EN (Sep)
Lyon juliet, EN (Sep)

2005 - recorded from inside car with 1m long antenna held out through sunroof
Frankfurt alpha, EN (Oct)
Hannover charly, EN (Oct)
Saarbruecken romeo, EN (Oct)
Bern yankee, EN (Oct)
Geneva romeo, EN (Oct)
Grenoble golf, FR/EN (Oct)
Montpellier papa, FR/EN (Oct)
Chambery golf, FR/EN (Oct)
Nimes juliet, FR/EN (Oct)
Clermont ferrand india, FR/EN (Oct)
Lyon victor, FR/EN (Oct)
Metz foxtrot, FR/EN (Oct)
Hamburg papa, EN (Sep)
Hamburg uniform, EN (Sep)
Hamburg yankee, EN (Sep)

Subway (Hochbahn, DT-4) Hamburg, Germany (2005/03)

Subway arrival 1
Subway arrival 2
Subway arrival 3
Subway arrival 4
Subway arrival 5
Subway arrival 6
Subway arrival 7
Subway arrival 8
Subway arrival 9
Subway arrival 10
Subway departure 1
Subway departure 2
Subway departure 3
Subway departure 4
Subway departure 5
Subway departure 6
Subway departure 7
Subway departure 8
Subway arrival inside 1
Subway departure inside 1
Subway departure inside 2
Subway departure inside 3
Subway double-arrival 1
Subway double-departure 1
Subway announcement 1 (train delayed)
Subway announcement 2 (train delayed)
Subway arrival 1 (radio emissions)
Subway arrival 2 (radio emissions)
Subway departure inside (radio emissions)
Subway arrival inside (radio emissions)

* The radio emissions of the trains were recorded with a crude but effective method, using an AM radio.
Such a little helper is always handy for a lot of things, eg. to check if a device or PCB is energized, if a controller is operating, to check if something is oscillating, or for lightning detection.
You could call it a "lifesigns-detector" for electronics.

Mainline train (Metronom) Lower Saxony, Germany (2005/03)

Train announcement (arriving at destination)
Train announcement (next stop)

Bus (Buchholz Bus) Buchholz, Germany (2005/03)

Bus arrival inside 1
Bus departure inside 1

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