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Some demonstrations of my very modest piano playing skills. I'm basically just using power chords, not a lot of dynamics, and I'm not actively learning, but I do enjoy just playing around. I'm more concentrated on sequencing right now, as this does not really require the building up of physical playing skills to get good results. I'm also interested in learning to play the electric guitar at some point in the future.

Headphones are highly recommended, as these are binaural recordings.

However, these pieces were performed on an upright piano that hasn't been tuned in a while, and also the owner decided to place a fair amount of decorative objects on top of the piano which tend to cause unwanted noise when vibrating, so bear with me. No serious musician would regard his piano as a piece of furniture, right?

All audio files are available as MP3 and FLAC (lossless compressed) versions.

Sad Story (1:00, MP3, FLAC) - 2012/02/15
A pretty sad interpretation of the otherwise very upbeat "Жанна Фриске - Ла-ла-ла" ("Zhanna Friske - La-la-la") that happened while tinkering with my MIDI keyboard after some serious events in my life. It was recorded via MIDI and polished a little with compression and limiting so strictly speaking its not a live performance on a real piano.

If We Were a Movie (2:58, MP3, FLAC) - 2010/01/23
My own interpretation of the Hannah Montana song.

Breakout (0:57, MP3, FLAC) - 2010/01/23
My own interpretation of the intro, verse and chorus of this Miley Cyrus song.

Beautiful Life (0:33, MP3, FLAC) - 2009/10/10
A short piano piece from the beginning of the Ace of Base song. At the end of the file you hear the original part as reference.

Don't have the FLAC codec? Get it at!
Also, many players such as foobar2000 are capable of playing back this format right out of the box.

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