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These pieces were composed, mixed and mastered within the Synapse Orion sequencer software employing numerous VST instruments/effects. Considering that I've only started doing all this stuff a few months ago, I think I've advanced pretty well.

All audio files are available as MP3 and FLAC (lossless compressed) versions.

Summertime (0:34, MP3, FLAC) - 2011/06/03
A fairly short, upbeat tune. I love bright and harsh piano sound and found it interesting hitting one key repetitively while sustaining (heard this at the beginning of "OneRepublic - Tyrant"). I experimented a bit and ended up adding a saxophone to the piece.

Movie Rock (0:33, MP3, FLAC) - 2011/05/13
This is an instrumental cover of "Hannah Montana - If We Were a Movie". Right now I've just finished the chorus of the song - the rest of it is still in the works. Quality-wise I think this is my best mastered piece so far - I have been tinkering with the mixing, equalization and compression for weeks, because I really love this melody.

Past Times (2:36, MP3, FLAC) - 2011/05/13
My first comepletely self-composed song in verse-chorus-verse-bridge structure. It still needs some more contrast and fine tuning, because I rather did this just for the sake of doing something completely original. The whole thing is probably not as developed as it could be and kind of squeezed out of my head.

Life's Too Short (1:34, MP3, FLAC) - 2011/05/13
Took a few chords from another song, built a melody on top and finally added some drums. It sounds pretty nice so I might make a song out of it later.

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