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Forlix SoScore (2009/03)

This addon for SourceMod on a CS:S server provides enhanced scorekeeping and goal announcements on soccer maps such as ka_soccer_2006. When a goal is shot the shooters name is displayed in a center-message (replacing the boring "Terrorists win!"-message), and the assistants name is also displayed in a chat message. Both get score points - the shooter gets +1 in the "Score"-column, the assistant gets +1 in the "Deaths"-column of the CS:S built-in scoreboard. This allows easy tracking and everyone can check in a glimpse who has shot how many goals. The plugin includes smart automatic respawning, godmode, a team-limiting feature and multilanguage support.
SoScore goal announcement messages
SoScore goal announcement messages

Detailed features:

  • Players get score points for shooting goals and making goal assists
  • Scores are displayed on the CS:S built-in scoreboard
  • Players have godmode enabled on them and cannot get hurt by the ball
  • Deaths, kills or suicides wont affect the scores, should they occur at all
  • Goal shooters and passers are logged to the server log if desired
  • Supports mp_restartgame (will reset the scores accordingly)
  • Can be configured for use with almost any soccer map out there, all that is required is adding an entry for the new map in the config file - instructions for this can be found in the .cfg itself
  • Ten common soccer maps are already preconfigured
  • If a map is not listed there, the plugin will unload when that map loads, avoiding unnecessary server load, for example when your server also offers non-soccer maps
  • The plugin can ban a player automatically for shooting a predefined number of own goals
  • Typing !soscore in chat displays a short how-to on the interpretation of the scoreboard
  • Multilanguage support for all public messages; English and German phrase-files are already included
  • Hot-reload feature - plugin can be reloaded between round-start and round-end (but not after round-end!) without interrupting the game or losing the scores
  • Forwards are provided for third-party extensions (such as SoStats, my ranking system) to track goals, passes, etc. or to implement completely new features

Changes in v1.2: (2009/04)

  • Respawn function allows people to join and start playing without any delay
  • AFK to Spectator function prevents AFK players from blocking the game
  • Plugin announcements can now be restricted from once per round start to once per connect

Changes in v1.28: (2009/05)

  • Added ConVar to control godmode and health points
  • Improved AFK detection
  • Fixed bug when being used in conjunction with floodcheck

Changes in v1.3: (2009/06)

  • Added ConVar for limiting the number of players on each team
  • Reformatted goal-score message (now on two lines)

Changes in v1.4: (2009/07)

  • Completely redesigned, solid respawning system with smart delays
  • Multilanguage support added, allowing for customization and translation of most phrases
  • Infopanel command now using SourceMods native chat-trigger system
  • Improved teamlimiting feature, team-full messages now in clients language
  • AFK to Spectator function has been outsourced to AFKManager
  • Four new soccer maps added to the config file

Changes in v1.44: (2009/08)

  • Fixed some issues with the respawn system
  • Now supports auto-assign team selection (by player count, team-scores, or random)
  • Bots are now (re)spawned correctly
  • Own-goal counts will now reset on mp_restartgame
  • Two more soccer maps added to the config file
  • Plugin now offers 2 forwards for extensions (OnBallShot and OnGoalScored)

Changes in v1.45: (2009/10)

  • Fixed "Invalid memory access" when creating a bot navigation file with SoScore loaded

Changes in v1.58: (2011/04)

  • Plugin now logs to SourceMod logs and pauses on error instead of unloading
  • Plugin now registers as a library
  • SourceMod's entity references are now employed for higher reliability
  • mp_roundtime bounds now loosened to allow roundtimes of up to 90 minutes
  • Red damage indicators now blocked when in godmode
  • New config file format includes miss-triggers for tracking of goal-misses
  • Fixed players losing their knife and goals breaking at seemingly random intervals
  • Fixed ampersands not being displayed in goal-score centermessage
  • Fixed score-reset on game commencing not working after CS:S OB update
  • Added failsafe team death routine after goal score to ensure that everyone dies
  • Added dummy sprint command to prevent chat spam when no sprint mod is installed
  • Added MVP panel support (displays goal shooter when enabled)
  • Added Freezecam support (targets goal shooter when enabled)
  • Added several forwards to support detailed gameplay tracking

  SoScore respawn message
SoScore respawn message

Configuration ConVars:

forlix_soscore_log_goal_scores (default 1)
- Enables (1) or disables (0) goal score logging

forlix_soscore_announcement_type (default 0)
- How often the plugin may announce itself to players: Every round-start (0), Once after connect (1)

forlix_soscore_spawn_mode (default 2)
- Disabled (0), Spawn new players after round-start (1), Respawn after death and team change as well (2)

forlix_soscore_respawn_blocktime (default 8)
- Time in full seconds after death in which players are unable to respawn

forlix_soscore_own_goal_ban_num (default 3)
- Number of own goals required for a player to get banned (0 to disable)

forlix_soscore_own_goal_ban_time (default 150)
- Time in minutes a player will be banned for (0 for permanent)

forlix_soscore_player_godmode_health (default 200)
- Health value for players in godmode (0 to disable godmode and use default health)

forlix_soscore_team_limit (default 8)
- Limits the number of players on each team to the specified amount (0 to disable)

forlix_soscore_chat_trigger (default "!")
- Set this to one of the ChatTrigger strings configured in SourceMod's core.cfg

- Version tracking (don't modify this) - Servers running this plugin (

If you are having trouble configuring for a new map, check your server console. The plugin will output detailed error messages on startup, about what is wrong with the data entered by you (eg. if certain entities were not found).

Forwards for third-party extensions:


For argument lists and usage of these forwards check out the sample plugin "fwdsample.sp" contained in the source code package.

CS:S scoreboard - credits for goal and pass
CS:S scoreboard - credits for goal and assist

The plugin binary has been built for SourceMod version 1.3 and up.

Forlix SoScore v1.58
License: GPL (SourceMod plugin)

Source code (Plugin source)

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