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- 2014
May 23 - Update to SrcDS Manager MRRPatch

- 2013
Jul 17 - Update to SrcDS Manager MRRPatch
May 09 - Update to FloodCheck
May 08 - Update to Piratewars
May 08 - Update to PlaySound
May 07 - Update to SrcDS Manager

- 2012
May 13 - Update to SrcDS Manager

- 2011
Nov 21 - Update to SrcDS LogMerge
Sep 29 - PlaySound plugin released
Jul 02 - SoStats plugin released
Jun 12 - SrcDS Manager released
Jun 02 - Added an RSS news feed
May 15 - Added a Music section
May 14 - Update to SrcDS LogMerge
May 14 - Update to SrcDS Query
May 13 - Fixed gallery links to
Apr 21 - Updates to all SourceMod plugins
Mar 13 - Moved to

- 2010
May 07 - Updates to several SourceMod plugins

- 2009
Dec 23 - Long overdue updates to several plugins
Oct 28 - Moved to
Oct 07 - Update to AFKManager
Oct 07 - Update to SoScore
Aug 14 - Update to FloodCheck
Aug 14 - Update to DeadChat

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Kinder surprise
Kinder surprise

About this site

This is my personal site for presenting homebrewed projects and anything that might be of interest to others. This mainly includes electronic projects (microcontrollers, radio frequency stuff), computer applications and program code, and some x-ray and physics related stuff.

Although I'm German, the whole site is kept in English to allow for a bigger audience from all over the world.

Enjoy your visit, and if you haven't done it yet, be sure to take a look at, my gallery site with now over 1500 images!
Casio fx82solar
Casio fx82solar

I can offer you precision lathing and milling of individual items or small quantities. For example: Prototypes, parts for RC-sports or PC-modding, replacement parts for hard to get/antiquated equipment, you name it!

I can also recode RENAULT Megane/Scenic I infrared remotes (P/N S105078002/S105078003) i.e. code a scrap one to your vehicle. Just drop me an e-mail.

I host some game servers for CS:S and TF2, based on the Valve Source Engine.
The following tables display their current states and players connected.

Forlix pure! CS:S #1 (Soccer/Stats)
Map: ka_soccer_2006_v3fix2 Players: 9/24
Player Score Time
Goropito 2 9m 16s
Adler17 1 6m 39s
Kiwistone 0 6m 20s
Headdyýy 1 6m 11s
☣☣๖ۣۜSílωέ® ☣☣ 1 5m 22s
no sound ♫ $$$ 100 $$$ 0 5m 22s
Mehdi Benatia # 5 1 4m 57s
Varat 0 3m 53s
le kappa soviétique 0 3m 12s
Cache: fresh Game: CS:S
IP/Port: Join Server

Forlix pure! CS:S #2 (SoBall/BridgeBuild)
Map: ka_trains Players: 6/24
Player Score Time
Be_MasaltoF 0 3m 50s
Resistenza01 1 3m 46s
Walkeen 0 3m 42s
Minuxator 6 3m 39s
BeastNightmare -1 3m 27s
Cache: fresh Game: CS:S
IP/Port: Join Server

Forlix pure! TF2 #1 (Halloween Special)
Map: sd_doomsday_event Players: 0/24
Player Score Time
No players on server    
Cache: fresh Game: TF2
IP/Port: Join Server

Forlix pure! TF2 #2 (Payload)
Map: pl_goldrush Players: 5/24
Player Score Time
denniscurti 19 22m 9s
roby_cta 2 21m 31s
[S.F.] LetziFetzi 23 15m 30s
radu12032004 10 15m 8s
[S.F.] Panda 11 14m 28s
Cache: fresh Game: TF2
IP/Port: Join Server

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